#summary HowTo of the system

= Introduction =

This paper introduces how to use the systems via SVN.

= Steps=

1. To check out the stuff, plz download the SVN client in the "download" tab. Install it.

2. Then go to the source tab, and create an empty folder in your local file system, say AAA. Right click AAA to find the SVN checkout option. In the prompt, enter the URL https://energy-harvesting-manycore.googlecode.com/svn/trunk. Then wait. The library is synchronized.

3. Now if you changed some doc, and wanna sync it, just go to the folder and right click svn commit. You'll be asked to enter username and passwd. Use your gmail account as the username and click googlecode.com password. under the source tab to find the passwd. Then everything is ok.

= Notes =
In the current branch, we have a doc/ and a src/ folders. You can find the paper/, book/, techreport/ and proposal/ folders.

* doc/ documents
* doc/book: published books
* doc/paper: published books
* doc/proposal/: our own proposal
* doc/techreport/ : our own doc

* src/ source code

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