Energy Harvesting Based Electronic Systems

The energy harvesting (EH) technique could be used to supply electronic systems in an environmentally friendly way. Up to now, data centers and sensor networks use this approach either to save power consumption or battery life. However, the prevailing multi-core or many-core systems for mobile devices have not utilized this approach yet. The primary reason is that the harvested energy is highly variable and could be insufficient for a complex many-core system. Adding a rechargeable battery or capacity cannot work due to high energy loss and aging of battery. Thus, it is important to find a way to enable EH based many-core systems.

In this document, we first survey existing EH systems, followed by the problems to be addressed.

1. Related work

An EH based electronic system can be modeled as in Fig. 1. Essentially, there could be an energy collector, a convertor and the load. There could be energy storage like battery or capacity or a backup power grid (in data centers) optionally.


Fig. 1 Energy harvesting based systems

1.1 EH for data centers

Data centers must be guaranteed computation throughput. Thus

1.2 EH for wireless sensor networks

1.3 EH for general embedded systems

1.4 Energy sources and harvesters

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